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CWP Renewal







Permits, and the authority under this program to carry a concealed firearm, expire on the expiration date printed on the face of the permit.  It is the responsibility of each permittee to ensure that application for renewal is received by SLED prior to the date of expiration.  Permittees who fail to apply for renewal, prior to the expiration date of their permit, might be required to repeat the minimum 8-hour required training, as defined in South Carolina Code Section 23-31-210.


_____  Completed application, including signature and date

_____  A cashier’s check, certified check, money order, the amount of $50.00 made payable to the South Carolina

            Law Enforcement Division (SLED); or proof applicant is a Disabled Veteran, or a Retired Law Enforcement  


_____  ONLY Qualified Non-Resident must submit a face color photograph no larger than 1”x1”; a photocopy of your current Driver’s

            License or Identification Card from the state in which you reside; and, a Real Property Tax Form (Sled Form R-168) must be

            completed by the County Assessor in which the property is located in South Carolina, verifying ownership of real property.


Download the CWP application here


Online Renewal


You can renew online and pay with a credit card. S.L.E.D. will allow online renewal within 60 days of your permit expiration. Click HERE to renew online