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Advanced Tactical Concealed Carry Class


This class is designed to take your shooting skills to the next level and beyond.

You will learn to master the following Techniques:

Rapid Target Acquisition

Rapid Draw from Concealed Carry

Rapid Correction of a Weapon Malfunction

This class is available to CWP holders, Law Enforcement, Security Guards. Class sizes are limited from two to six people.

For this class you will need:

Your handgun(s) ,Holster(s), hearing and eye protection.You are welcome to bring more than one firearm and holster combination.

At least 300 rounds of Ammunition

Class pricing is: 2 persons $ 75.00 per person, 3 or more $60.00 per person. we provide lunch and targets.

The Class Start Time is 8:00am and ends around 3:00pm

For additional information call (864)944-0425 or email Richard Belmore