There are several states that issue non-residence permits. The best combinations of permits are Florida plus S.C. or Arizona plus S.C. There are no such permits that allow you to carry in all states. To see which States honor your S.C Permit click here. .This link can also be used to see which states honor your S.C.permit combined with a non-resident permit.



Carry laws vary from state to state as well as laws regarding transportation of a firearm. This link contains information regarding carry laws, transportation laws and how to obtain a non-resident permit if offered






To obtain a Florida Concealed Weapons Permit, download the Application here. You will have to order a fingerprint card from the Florida Department of Agriculture division of licensing; we will fingerprint you on the day of the class. Please Click here to order the fingerprint card. The Florida application fee is $117.00 and is valid for 7 years. We do not charge any extra fees for the Florida paperwork, providing you have taken your training with us. Feel free to contact me for more information regarding out of state permits.


To obtain a Arizona non-resident permit click here for the contact information

Arizona will process your application only after you have obtained your S.C permit. We can take your fingerprints for a $10.00 fee.