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Before choosing an Instructor, consider the following:


Instructor training experience:  What level of experience does the Instructor have?  I have over 20 years experience and have trained thousands of people at various levels, including Civilian, Military and Law Enforcement. I have been conducting CWP training since 1996.


Staffing:  If the instructor becomes ill, will your class be cancelled?  In twenty years we have never cancelled a pre-scheduled class nor had to reschedule for illness. We are the only training facility in Oconee County to offer classes with a Female Assistant Instructor, who is also a professional shooter. 


New Skills:  What skills will you learn?  State Law requires an 8 hour minimum class that includes marksmanship, gun safety, and State Laws regarding self defense. We teach all of the above and as a bonus, we also include basic self defense shooting. We spend more time on the range learning to shoot than what is required by the State. We believe that a well trained person makes this world a safer place.


Training Facility: Is the Facility modern, air-conditioned? Our facility is state of the art. Our business is not conducted in the back room of someone else’s store. Your firearm training is conducted at our Indoor/Outdoor Range. We are members of the National Shooting Sports Foundation and the N.R.A.


Length of Class:  Is the class completed in one day or spread out in various locations at different times?  Our classes are completed in one day at the same location.  In addition, we offer the flexibility of a two part class, for people who cannot stay for an entire day.


Schedule: Does the Instructor work around “His” schedule or yours? We offer convenient class schedules, including weekday classes. Our policy has always been to accommodate our students.


Fingerprints: S.L.E.D requires two sets of fingerprints as part of the application. We provide this service for our customers. Not all instructors can provide this service for you. If the instructor does not provide this service, you will have to have your fingerprints taken by a Law Enforcement Agency, one extra hoop to jump through.


Necessary Compliance:  Is the Instructor conducting business that is compliant with State and Federal regulations?  Richard’s Firearms Training Center is a Licensed Business; we report our income and pay our taxes. Our Range was constructed to meet City, County, and State guidelines. You will not be training in someone’s back yard or cow pasture.


Payment Options:  Is advanced payment required?  We do not require advanced payment and accept cash, check or Visa, MasterCard.


Insurance:  Is the instructor insured and bonded?  Let’s face it; things can go wrong no matter how careful you are. We are insured and bonded.


Qualification:  If you own your own weapon, why wouldn’t you train with it?  Not every gun works exactly the same way.  Be careful of Instructors who provide or require you to use their gun and ammunition as part of your training.  Is the gun provided similar to the gun that you will carry?  Every Law Enforcement Officer in this State has to qualify on every weapon he/she carries.  Obviously this is important to Law Enforcement, shouldn’t it be important to you? An Instructor who tries to convince you that all guns are the same, or using his gun will not affect your training is not being truthful. At Richard’s Firearms, students are encouraged to train using their own weapons. On average we spend 2 hours training on the range, hands on with live ammunition.


Here is a quote from a local instructor’s website. “An hour at my range using my equipment will have no impact on the use of your own weapon and gear in a practice or defensive situation.” This statement is so far from the truth.  I had an opportunity to meet one of this Instructor’s students recently. This person came to me because she was not familiar with the operation of her own semi-automatic pistol. Now that would have been a problem in self defense wouldn’t it? Is this the kind of training you want? So much for discounted class prices. Makes me wonder……


Pistol Rental:  If you do not own a pistol, you can rent one of ours.  Richard’s Firearms is a Licensed Firearms Dealer, we have several different pistols available to rent for a nominal fee.  This can help you to decide what gun will work for you, if you have not yet made a purchase. 


Advanced Training:  Does the Instructor offer advanced Training?  We offer Advanced Tactical Training for those who have completed CWP Training.  People who have dangerous occupations are encouraged to continue their training.  Learning to defend yourself in all situations and conditions is critical.